Study to be a Chartered Financial Analyst

Thu Apr 26, 2007 5:12:17 pm by Dustin
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According to Google Reader, I am subscribing to 64 RSS Feeds, including mine: RSS. One of my favorites has nothing to do with my work, new gadgets, or the news. In fact, it is teaching me how to invest.

Investopedia is the encyclopedia of investment knowledge, which also includes news about earnings reports and the such. What they are all about is not why I am posting today though.

The reason I am here is they published a 15 chapter review for the Chartered Financial Analyst Level I exam. You can read about the CFA and the exam. The thing is that I wanted to ‘bookmark’ the series but could not find a general series outline page (well that might have changed since noon today but darn it, I stopped looking). To counter their offer I wanted to be able to reference the chapters as well as give any of you the chance to read them too. Just to warn you, they are long. One of the 21 sections in the Microecon chapter alone is 1500 words. So here they are already – chapter 1 and 2 were not in the RSS, so you don’t get them either:

It might take me a while to read all this, but hey I love finance and economics (yes another one of my hidden secrets). It should be dry, boring, but interest at the same time.

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  2. Jeff

    interesting, I will def read some of those chapters. but there is a lot of material there.

  3. Dustin

    Ya, it is basically a finance degree in a nutshell… Good luck.

  4. Andres

    Here is Chapter 1 & 2 of the CFA study guide review.

    Chapter – 1

    Chapter -2

  5. Dustin

    Thank you for your help.