I Heart the Beaver, Portland Beaver That Is

Fri Apr 20, 2007 5:29:19 pm by Dustin
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Last night Tom, Jason, and I went to our first Portland Beavers baseball game of the season. It was a jolly o’ time. You see Thursdays are Thirsty Thursdays down there at those fun games which means you get $2 Miller beers and three hours of watch half drunk coeds. Oh, yes, there is a baseball game too.

The Beavers by the way are the AAA farm team for the San Fran Giants. Since the Giants did pretty well last year, the Beavers were also doing well. But they lost last night. Well, I am assuming they did. We left after the 7th inning (no more beer being served), and the score was 0-5.

The fun organizers at the ball park even have theme nights. For example, last night was crappy sweater night or something like that. There were a few Christmas sweaters and even a few you-look-homosexual-in-that-sweater sweaters. One guys even turned to this girl we were walking past once and told her (and nothing else) ‘That is a really shitty sweater’.

After the game we went to our old college hang out, the T-Room. It was a fun night. Even if I only got a bit tipsy.

I plan on going to the rest of the Thursday night games if anybody wants to join. I have added them to My iCal so you know when they are. If you want the complete schedule there is a link on the Beavers’ site.

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