Survival Pack on a Budget, Love the Irony

Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:58:48 pm by Dustin
Filed under General, Health, Household, Tools and Tricks

What would you do for food if there were a major natural disaster in your area? Or the British are coming, again? Or Nazis? Or your staple pet food you have for lunch every day gets rat poison in it? Well, you could always create a survival pack.

My ultimate suggestion is to find a friend in the military who could get you a nice box of MREs (I think REI (GI Joes too) sells them as well for the price of a new house. They have an amazing shelf life, and, well, you could eat one if you had to.

But what if you need to do it on a budget? You could either starve, eat your furniture, or take Backwoods Home Magazine’s tip and create a 10 day survival pack for less than $25. Then again, if I run out of my favorite pet food, I might need more than 10 days.

Happy scavenging.