Wordpress Performs Poorly – Intentionally

Sat Mar 24, 2007 12:24:11 pm by Dustin
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One of the guys I went to school with, Ray, has created a post about how Wordpress performs poorly requiring sites to install extra ‘patches’ to fix it.

I thought it would be fun to play devil’s advocate on this one just for kicks…

One of the major goals of WP – software which helps running a blog easier for my site including this one – is to have as small of a hhd impression as possible. Of the blogging community there are sites that get a ton of traffic and there are the rest of us (> 95% of all blogs). Those in the 95% area are typically not writing about pertinent enough information to get dugg, slashdotted, de.lico.used, ProBlogged, Blog Herolded, etc. Most of these blogs are not trying to become more than a ‘I had toast for breakfast’ blog either. Of the small amount of sites who are not heavily traveled but are trying to get there, they would have the where with all to know they may need to worry about high traffic numbers in the future and adopt accordingly. For the rest of the world – the ‘toast’ sites – adding some addition code to assist in huge traffic amounts would be not only over kill for these sites (the majority of blogs) but also against the goals of WP.

With all that said, I have plans to add the WP-Cache plugin to my site.

Happy blogging.

  1. Dustin

    Ok, as soon as I pressed ‘Publish’ I noticed that I spelled intentionally incorrectly in the title. I correct the title the the URI is now wrong. This has been noted.

  2. Ray

    You can change the post slug, you know.

    “to have as small of a hhd impression as possible”, I assume you meant hdd, as in hard disk drive space. I don’t think that’s one of their goals. Moreover, I can’t find that as their goal anywhere, so I’m curious as to where you got that.

    The pros and cons of caching are ridiculously one sided, and the fact that it will use roughly double the hard drive space is seemingly the only argument, and not nearly a good one. I have just over 700 posts on my site that has been up for over 4 years. My wp_posts db size is 1.4MB, caching each of these at best would be an additional 1.4MB. If hdd space were a goal of the software, Wordpress should have caching enabled by DEFAULT, and have an option to disable, in order to save disk space but with a penalty in performance.

    The reason to use caching is not only for not going down due to many users. It’s all too easy to stage a DoS on a Wordpress enabled site.

  3. Dustin

    Correct, I wouldn’t say you were wrong at saying they should add it. It was just a devil’s advocate post. I just wanted to put the other side out there for kicks.

  4. Brandon

    Point is, it is simply good design to have the cashing available. For most people, this won’t make a difference, but it is incredibly annoying how easily a wordpress blog actually goes down. Some optomization would also improve performance for all those users who do actually use smaller sites. As for myself, I am a bit disturbed when I see 20+ db queries for every page that goes up.

  5. Ray

    Yea no crap! I would consider a “heavy” DB page to have ~10 queries.