Synopsis of Creating a Wireless Network (for Dummies)

Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:12:17 pm by Dustin
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WEP, 802.11a/b/g/b/x/9, SSID, MAC, WPA, and all those other geek talk words. First off, what do they mean, and, second, what do they do? What ones do I need? How do I set them up? These might be common questions for the non-geek types who trying to set up their own wireless network.

Wireless networks are nice if you have a laptop, apartment, or just don’t want to put wires in your house. With the convenience of note having wires comes with two problems:

  1. Wireless networks are slower – although the average person will never notice the difference.
  2. Wireless networks are less secure – and the Patriot Act says your home is required to secure it, unless you want to go away for 10 to 15.

In my opinion, MAC Filtering is a must while WPA is a perk and dependent what your home does online (also dependent on your tolerance – analness – level to intruders).

Web Info & Reviews make a tutorial to securing your wireless network for the average person.

Happy securing.

  1. James

    Interesting. Yet another reason the Patriot Act sucks. “Thou shalt not share thy wireless connection.”

  2. Brandon

    But it is for -your- protection… What? Stop laughing! It is!