Haggle Your Way to Pay Less

Wed Mar 14, 2007 8:31:09 pm by Dustin
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Let’s start with a story.  When I was a junior at UP, I traveled to NYC for part of an entreprenuership class.  I was out to dinner with some of my classmates, and the waitress asked if I would like a second beer.  In NYC, the beers are about $6 which is not exactly in my budget.  I proceeded to ask the waitress if I could have it for half price, and if so, I would purchase another beverage.  She immediately said, ‘No’ and left.

No dice for me, but it was worth a shot.  I have actually had this work though.

Something that may have helped me get that beer could have been ‘Help me spend my money here’.  Reader’s Digest happily gives you this and four tips in there five ways to haggle a better deal.  Happy haggling.