Useful Firefox-Thunderbird Extensions (2007)

Mon Mar 12, 2007 7:38:07 pm by Dustin
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I thought I would start a tradition here at That being, I will add a yearly list of all the extensions which I use/like for Firefox (web browsing) and Thunderbird (email client). You can find the extensions here and here respectfully. Some of these I use for work, so they are specific for software development. They will be mentioned as such. In no real particular order:


  • Forcastfox – A quite nice weather forcaster from AccuWeather.
  • Tab Groups – I was thinking of making this myself a while back but never really was determined to finish it. Either way, this creates, well, tab groups which you can break your tabs up and only view the necessary items while working on a give task. This is a new extension, relatively, so be patient with the few bugs.
  • Track Package – I do not really use this much anymore that I am not purchasing school books as often, but this extension will track your incoming packages.
  • Update Notifier – If you are like me, you keep your computer on for long periods of time before restarting Firefox which causes your extensions to become out of date. This periodically checks for updates for you.
  • Stop-or-Reload Button – There is no need to have both, so when you are loading a page you see the Stop button. Otherwise you see the reload button.

Phased out in v2.0 -These are now included with Firefox 2.0 and greater

  • ReloadEvery – Reloads a given page every so many minutes/seconds.
  • Right-Click-Link – Right click and open in a new tab.
  • Tab Mix Plus – Although you can still use this, the new version now remembers your tabs after you close Firefox by default.

Software/Web Development

  • Web Developer – Almost everything a web developer would ever need to assist in creating web sites.
  • JavaScript Debugger – I have not used this extensively yet, but it seems quite helpful.
  • Google Pagerank Status – A bar in the Status Bar to indicate the Page Rank of the page.
  • DOM Inspector – Again I have not had much use with this one either.
  • CollorZilla – Point at something (not even in Firefox), and it will remember the color for you – in about four formats.
  • MeasureIt – Draw over an area to know its width and height in various web development units.


  • NestedQuote Remover – This might be helpful if you receive a ton of forwarded/replied mail.
  • Contacts Sidebar – Adds you Address Book in list form to the left sidebar. I do not really use this much anymore since typing the person’s name is just as easy; it will most likely not be on next years list.
  • Attachment Sizes – I do not get as many attachments now that I am not in school, but knowing the size before you save or open them is always helpful.
  • Update Notifier – Same as Firefox, above.

Some I am Considering


  • Linkification – Turns all links on pages that look like links to actually clickable links.


  • SyncKolab – If you are like me again you read your mail (with Thunderbird) at more than one computer regularly (ie laptop, in the study, work, etc). This will allow you to synchronize your Address Book with all of those locations automagically. *Note: This extension is still in testing and should be used sparingly.

I hope this list helps you; these sure do help me. I hope I remember in mid March next year to update this list.

*Note: If you are an Internet Explore user, you too can have extensions.

  1. Ray

    Nice list. I compiled my own with a couple you’re missing that I think you’d benefit from.