Phil Explains Alexa/Amazon Relationship

Thu Mar 8, 2007 6:47:52 pm by Dustin
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This morning I mentioned that I was adding a link to my Alexa ranking on my sidebar.  I have been looking at this site out of curiousity for a few months now.  I have also, again from curiousity, been watching my ranking.  In fact, from making comments across the web on other sites, I have moved about 4 million spots since November.  Now if only that Page Rank would move.

In my curiousity, I found out that Amazon bought them awhile back.  I have never really understood how this fit into Amazon’s business model.  Well, based on my prior post, Phil explained Alexa; I also semi-asked him to explain it.

Thanks dude.  Hope NYC rocks.  (PS  Thanks for the B-day call.  I was with my parents (drinking) when you called, so I couldn’t answer.)

  1. Phil

    You are welcome yo, and I’m glad you had “fun?” drinking wit da fam. NYC is pretty darn tootin.