IRS Red Flags Equal Audits: Avoid Them

Thu Mar 8, 2007 7:09:06 pm by Dustin
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With the exception of Ned Flanders, we all hate paying taxes.  There are probably different degrees of hatred which draws us to how we react to them: don’t pay, put it off, bitch and moan until they are over, or move to Iceland.

I have found a solution though.  Well at least this is a solution to paying less – maybe.  J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly (man do I love this site) has but together some common items on tax returns which just plain set off red flags.  These are no nos.  A few are don’t make too much (more money increases likelyhood of an audit), round numbers are studid and bad, and not reporting all of your income – yes that is trackable.

The solution is to 1) don’t get auditted and 2) fudge it just enough to get by.  That’s right now that you know what signs set off buzzers for those crazy accountants with their green vizors and typepads, you know how to fluff it just enough not to get auditted.  And if you passed first grade math, that means you get more money.  More money = good things.

This is Dustin Digmann: avoiding taxes.

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