The Steps of WA (Workaholics Anonymous)

Wed Mar 7, 2007 5:12:45 pm by Dustin
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Do you find yourself continuously working?  Do you take the work home at the end of the day?  Or even the attitude and take it out on those you love?  Well you are not alone.  In fact this issue happens to ~300 million Americans alone.

Do you want to leave all that fun at the office when you leave at night?  Easy, when you walk out the door, forget everything.  Easier said than done you say.  I would say so too.

dumblittleman can help all 300 million of us (not counting the rest of the world).   He created some bullets of how you can keep work at work.

  1. Phil

    Wait there are only about 298,444,215 Americans? Well shit that means like all of us eh! Time to move to Iceland.

    Hi my name’s Phil, I’ve been work sober for, uh, mm, well, yeah, no.