Plans, Organizes, and Facilitates Your Meals

Tue Mar 6, 2007 7:12:32 pm by Dustin
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Meals Matter (meal planning made simple) seems – I haven’t started using it – to be a nifty (free) service which will completely take over the need to plan dinner.  This includes shopping list, inventory, and even a workout plan since healthy living brings healthy eating.

It is run by the Dairy Coucil of California.  You know those people who bring you the cheese from Happy (Hippy) Cows.  Being originally from Wisconsin, I don’t really like those crazy cows.  Don’t worry though.  This site does not seem too hippy.  As the site states:

We value individual choice and recognize that taste, the enjoyment of foods, and family and cultural traditions are important factors in healthy food decisions.

This makes me think they are not going to make you eat high priced, organic, non-meat, soy rabbit food but only time will tell.  So if you try this site, come back and tell me what you thought.