Save Money by Just Using Your Credit Card

Sun Mar 4, 2007 4:31:08 pm by Dustin
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Ok, to start I would not like to say this post’s purpose to to show you how to use your credit card or anything which may come from that. I don’t wish to make all of you out there who cannot handle your money to loose more of it. Anyway, I will get to the point.

Our friends over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has unveiled a not-so-secret method of saving money for using your major credit card.

How does it work? Well the major vendors Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have put together their respective discounts just for making those purchases you would do anyway with their type of card. For example, let’s say you want to purchase a book at your favorite online book store. The program for your card flavor may have a promotion going on that could save you money. Sometimes they involve printable coupons other times there is a promotion code for online shopping. Either way, you might bookmark these services and check them out from time to time as you are shopping.