Make Your Own Pet Bed

Sun Mar 4, 2007 4:16:31 pm by Dustin
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Since Ray has those two easy-to-drop-kick dogs, he might find this helpful. If you went down to your local pet store and said, ‘Hey pal, I need a pet bed’. The dude might come back with a pillow from the back room that costs about $200, but what if there was a better way?

Craft Diaries has put together an easy, cheap way of creating that doggie bed at home and all you need is the material and probably some time to do it. So go try it, I dare you; tell me how it goes.

There were no dogs (not even cats) drop kicked in the writting of this post.

  1. Ray

    How dare you. May tiny dogs sneak into your house and chew on your shoes in the night.

  2. Ray

    And that seems a bit more elabotate and contrived than I’m ready to commit to.

  3. Phil

    What about just going down/up to the ikea and getting two of those $2 pillows, since they are small dogs??

    Total $4 + gas (or you could walk) :D