Easy Way to Organize the Desk with 500 Different Cables

Sun Mar 4, 2007 4:01:52 pm by Dustin
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If you are like me your computer desk has a computer, monitor, cable modem, router, stereo, lamp, cell phone charger, ok you get the point. There is a ton of crap down there. What makes it worse is that each of these has a power cord or takes desk space or well I just keep kicking it under the desk. I wish there was an easier solution.

Organize Desk with Pegboard

Here is a nice image of how you can clean all that fun up (given you have a desk which can support this). With some basic pegboard, you can zip-tie, duct tape, or glue, you can secure all these darned things under your desktop to never be seen again. Problem solved.

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  2. Jeff

    What happens if you want to move something across the room? You would have to un-attach it from your desk.