Phil I Just ‘One Upped’ You

Fri Mar 2, 2007 7:29:15 am by Dustin
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Yesterday, Phil asked if I would burn my comments, meaning he wants to read my comments in an RSS reader of some kind. So I have added a link to my comment syndication in the sidebar for your reading pleasure. I have also updated to the latest version of Wordpress and have set up a test environment because as of now, I have not found that Wordpress offers this service. For all of you who do not like RSS Feeds for whatever your reason might be, you can now subscribe to all these posts with fun emails instead. The form for that is also in the sidebar.

If there is something you would like to see on this site email, call, or comment and it will be on the way, well maybe.

We are going to call this upgrade v3.1 alpha because we like that number and alpha is fun to say.

  1. Ray


  2. Dustin

    I never bothered looking this address up. I used one of the other addresses for comments. Either way Feedburner will put them all together nicely for you.

  3. Phil

    HOT, now I can follow the conversation, wee. Normally I would subscribe to the email stuff, but I get too damn much email as it is, right now i average about 50-60 emails daily on the personal account. yikes.

    Cool beans!