The 10 R’s of Success and Relationship is not One of Them

Thu Mar 1, 2007 6:14:25 pm by Dustin
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Now that everybody out there has high self-esteem, it is not time that we learn how to be successful too.

Ok, I am done with the sarcasm for the rest of this post…

Ever since I was a little boy I have loved flow charts.  They work quite nicely in fact.  Based on some criteria something moves from one part of the chart to the next.  Typically there is a point where you get back to the beginning, but this time everything has changed and the criteria is all different.  This is somewhat like life a guess.
This is why I like Dave Cheong explanation on the 10 R’s to become successful (complete with flow chart).  So I say to you, get out there and Realistic, Realize, Recognize, Reframe, Respond, Review, Repeat, Reflect, Reward, and Review.  I figure you probably want to Repeat that again but with the next to-be-successful-task.  Happy succeeding.