22 Step Program to Better Self-Esteem, Yep That’s All it Takes.

Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:52:31 pm by Dustin
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ririanproject has put together an amazing list of how to get more self-esteem.  The list involves not kidding yourself and just smile dammit and other things that wont work for somebody who actually has low self-esteem.  But Hell if you have low self-esteem maybe this list will be your last resort or maybe a list of how to like yourself is just plain dumb.  Either way, enjoy.

  1. James

    I’m going to have to put you in your place here and point out CNN’s article noting troublesome increases in self-centered behavior due to all this self-esteem raising of the last 20 years.


    Way to contribute to society’s woes Dusty.

  2. Dustin

    My point was more that a 22 step program isn’t going to help somebody. There is more to it then: step 1, be happy; step 2, don’t be sad…

    Also I’m not a student, so I guess the study doesn’t apply to my sarcasm. (Yes, I realize the intended irony in that statement.)

  3. Phil

    So you link, “how to get MORE self-esteem”, but that implies that I have some to start with… FUCK

    That equation does not work see,
    I = 10 // Self Esteem multiple
    P = 0 // Initial Self Esteem Amount

    P = (P * I) + P // Still equals 0.

    I guess you could add it, but I think adding takes self esteem… Obviously I would not know since I have no self esteem. wtf If I could only add! So does that people without self esteem are able to multiply? Ok that’s enough…


  4. Dustin

    You might be weird.

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