Snoring in Subway

Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:20:11 pm by Dustin
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I work about eight blocks from a Subway and in Vancouver that means about a quarter of a mile.  Since it is so close and easy, I eat there very regularly (at least 3 times a week) for lunch.  Today may have been the most interesting though.  You see today, as you may have astutely picked up from the title, there was a guy snoring while I was eating.  At first it was rather quiet to the point that I could barely hear it, wondering what that sound was.  But then it switched into turbo mode and this dude was making it echo off the far walls.  By this point, I can hardly hold it in that I am laughing.  I begin to look around to see if anybody else is laughing and nothing.  I swear some people just don’t know what is fun until I come up and kick them in the butt and tell them it is funny.

Does anybody out there having any interesting lunch stories?  Does your boss eat babies or something like that?

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  1. Ray

    My boss eats babies :P

  2. Phil

    For a second there you had be going, I was like, “w0w I did not know they had a Subway in Vancouver, that’s pretty forward looking, does it link up with the Max now?” and then you said “eating.”

    lol, I was like yeah sure, I see lots of people snoring in the subway, that’s one of the reason for the snazzy ipod, and glazed over face; that everyone else has as well.