Basic First-Aid Reference Sheet

Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:45:34 pm by Dustin
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Are you prone to random injuries?  Maybe chemical burns, putting foreign objects in your nose, or getting a concussion from hitting your head on the furniture in your dorm room?  Ok, I actually did the last one during my Freshman year of college.  I have to ask myself after this one, ‘what did you learn?’
But seriously, you might check out MayoClinic’s First-Aid Guide.  If anything, you will at least no what not to do next time.  Enjoy

  1. Phil

    Yay, on your migration to WordPress, I believe your life will be much easier now :D


  2. James

    No snake bites? What good is a first aid guide without advice on snake bites?

  3. Dustin

    That’s easy. Just suck it out. (You might need a friend to help)