New Years Resolutions

Mon Jan 1, 2007 12:28:16 pm by Dustin
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I thought I would be nice to name a few New Years Resolutions which I will be trying to get through this year. So, here they are, in no particular order:

  • Buy a house.
  • Get my murdercycle license
  • Be on my way creating a world class website – yep this one
  • Learn the best personal finance techniques

So, those are a few of mine. What are yours?

  1. Ray

    oooh murdercycle funnnnnnnn

  2. James

    Hmmm…motorcycle license. I’m thinking of a pilot’s license myself. Wanna race?

  3. Dustin

    Race? Sure, I would love to. I still think I will win.

  4. Brandon

    Riiiight dustin.

  5. Brandon

    ^^Huh? I don’t see “Everyday” anywhere else on this page… I must have missed something. And how’re those resolutions going?

  6. Dustin

    Me either… I am currently upgrading my site, and instead of deleted this crappy comment, it is just not going to make the cut to the next version.

  7. James

    Oh no! The two greatest evils of the internet have joined forces against us: spammers and grammar trolls. We’re doomed.

  8. Brandon

    And me starting sentences with conjunctions… shame on me.

  9. Roo

    *poke* *poke* you still alive?

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