New Christmas Party Gift Exchange Method

Fri Dec 22, 2006 10:58:56 am by Dustin
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Last night, Formos had its Christmas party. It was a fun time – catered food, open bar (well until they ran out).

After dinner though was when the excitement began. The boss had come up with this new gift give away ‘game’ like thing. Here is how it all went down…

First off he gave everybody $242 of Monopoly money. This is apparently how Monopoly money devides evenly between about 20 people. The next step was to get two really large bags (about the size of that mini-fridge you had in college). In one of them, he placed wrapped gifts and the other had unwrapped. None of the gifts were really expensive. There was Monopoly (hahaha – the money for this game wasn’t from that), come clothes, iTunes gift cards, you get the picture.

“Ok, here comes the fun party.” The boss pulls out one gift at a time and starts auctioning them off. When you are out of money, well, hope you had fun – or at least got some cool stuff. If you end up winning something but don’t wont it, you could always put it up for auction again, hope to make your money back, etc. Everybody eventually got a prize, some high-rollers, got a few. All in all, a good idea.

What did I get you ask? I ended up spending about $100 on a sushi set. You know chopstick, the soy sauce trays, bamboo roll maker sticks, the works. Yes those are technical terms. If you go to a sushi joint as ask them what the bamboo things are, they will say bamboo roll maker sticks – in Japanese of course.

So now I have to get some rice and almost dead fish and try my hand at making sushi.

  1. Ray

    I woulda just taken the cash.

  2. Dustin

    It was Monopoly money, not really helpful.