Top Ten Blogs Demonstrate Same Layout

Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:30:44 pm by Dustin
Filed under General

Heathbolt has done an analysis of the top 10 sites in Technorati to determine the placement of various items on the page. There are a variety of items which can be on any person’s blog or website, but it seems (as you can image) that there are some things which come up more then others such as ads, search areas, contact (RSS or email), or content to name a few.

It seems though that these 10 basically put their information/elements in the same areas. Go ahead and click through to see what they have found. The post requires readers to login to make comments which is kinda annoying, but I don’t. Feel free to post anything entertaining.

One commenter even mentioned the possibility of an Eye Tracking Analysis – a process of watching the reader’s eyes to determine the natural path of importance and building the layout around that. What do you think?