New Apartment Photos

Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:58:00 pm by Dustin
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I have uploaded some pictures of my new pad. Check them out. Come on, don’t be shy.

I also found some interesting random photos on my camera. Chris and Jason specifically. Yep, I used to live with those two.

  1. Phil

    That’s hot you have a fireplace! ;) ;) ((Nudge Nudge))

  2. Brandon

    I think this comment broke your RSS feed or something. My feed reader barfs with it now, and I get a “not well formed” error when trying to access the feed. Oh yeah, and nice pad.

  3. James

    Dang, you seriously need to get yourself some furniture.

  4. Brandon

    Or some pictures for the walls…

  5. Dustin

    Thanks Brandon, that should be fixed.

  6. Brandon

    Yeah, that worked!

  7. Ray

    Jason + Chris = butt secks

  8. Jason

    How drunk was I that night?

  9. Dustin

    Jason, I’m pretty sure you weren’t drinking. It was just some Tuesday evening.

  10. Brandon

    Yay! Man love…

  11. James

    Ahem…sober man love. Yikes

  12. Roo

    So hows the couv treating you?

  13. Dustin

    Well you know, Same Shit Different Day.

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