I’ve Got Wood

Thu Nov 2, 2006 7:48:25 am by Dustin
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So this last weekend I moved out the my house which I have been living in for the last 2.5 years. I am now living in a two bedroom apartment by myself in Vancouver. Yes, that is right, I have left the state of the Beaver to come back to the state of very large trees. There is only one logical explaination for why a normal, heterosexual male would leave beaver for wood, and that is the same reason I had a fake id in high school; so I can vote.

After four days I am enjoying the new place even though it has been freaken cold lately and I do not have Internet access yet and am back to using my 13″ TV (without cable). It is becoming nicely furnished though. My parents have bought me a living room set and futon for the spare room and a dining room set is in the mix. And no these are not moving in gifts but rather Birthday/Graduation/Christmas presents for the next few years.

Once I get Internet access in my new place, I will post some pictures. Be patient.

  1. Ray

    Wow, clever. Couv > podunk-town

  2. Brandon Moreno

    Nice dude. I hope it’s a sweet place. I look forward to the pictures. Are the other guys still livin in the old place still?

  3. Dustin

    Yep they’re still there. Actually Ben moved into my old room.

  4. James

    Cable? Pshh. Wireless is the way of the future. Rabit ears baby.

  5. Roo

    Welcome to the land of no income tax!