I Don’t Brake

Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:43:17 pm by Dustin
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This morning when leaving for work, I heard a nice sound that was sort of like breaking in the brakes of my car. I thought about it for a while but though a lot more when I was about a mile into my drive and my brakes and two settings – on and off. Luckily I have a short drive to work and take my stopping very slowly was able to get there.

Going to work for four hours did not fix the problem though. I left for school at noon and in fact was not able to brake any better – actually the problem got worse. The excitement continues with every stop light going through Vancouver, dodging semis on I-5, and more stop lights in North Portland. All in all, my car is not getting better with age. The next step is trying to at least identify the cause and posibly fixing it. Any suggestions?

  1. Brandon Moreno

    Yay SPAM! Anyways, wtf is up with your site? Every post now says that it was created at some point in Dec of ‘05. That doesn’t seem right… you done f’d something up I think.