I Heart Roo

Sat Sep 2, 2006 8:20:26 am by Dustin
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I would like to thank my web host for a smooth, easy, and quick transition to our new
. Now I have the fun task of updating the site for PHP5. Go Zorgo.

  1. Dustin

    I have decided to slowly fix these various errors that are occuring. As long as the site is up, that is fine with me for now…

  2. James

    So uh, Dusty…does Mic know about all these friends of yours?

  3. Dustin

    You know, she doesn’t know about them. Also I didn’t know so many people liked me. We may have to remedy something to get them to stop putting up stupid posts. Also I don’t think it is December.

  4. Roo

    Looks like you’ve made some new friends on the great www.

  5. Roo

    Nice work on the timestamps as well