I Thought You Graduated?

Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:54:48 pm by Dustin
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Yep, that is the question I got all day today as I started my last semester of school. And the answer was always, yes, I have graduated. But yes I did start school today, and I have a whopping two classes to work around my work schedule.

Back in March when I registered for these classes, I had written down that my class on MWF was from 9:15-10:10. Since then the faculty decided to change it to 12:30-1:25 without telling me. Logically, being lazy me, I did not look up the new time and just showed up for class. Well the wrong class. It was a Computer Science class which means I know everybody that could be in the class and after seeing a girl sitting in the class I was supposed to be having class in (there are never girls in CS classes), I registered that something was wrong. To make an uninteresting story a little shorter, I got a short -day at work and had to come back later to actually attend class, making two breaks in my work day. Happy first day of school. Only 15 weeks until I get my diploma.

  1. Lisa

    Never girls in CS classes????

  2. Dustin

    You don’t count.

  3. Ray


  4. Lisa

    A little harsh. In the words of Jeff *tear*