Roofin and the Caravan

Mon Aug 21, 2006 8:12:35 am by Dustin
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I went home this weekend to visit the folks. Well, ok, I wasn’t visiting. In fact, we were re-roofing their house. I don’t think I have worked that hard since I was working construction. Actually I am surprised that I used to do work like that for 60 hours a week. The house though looks good. We almost finished the 1800 square feet in the 14 hours we spent on the roof. All that is really left is a little final touches for my dad to do. It really looks good. I did not take any pictures, so sorry about that. I was a learning experience, so now when I do my next house or a friend has questions I will be there.

So that story might not be the greatest ever, but something interesting happened to me on my drive back though.

I was driving through Tacoma, kinda in some traffic, listening to music, and not really being attentive to the world around me when I start hearing this really weird sound. My first thought is that my car is screwy again. So, I turn down the radio, and the sound is nothing more then a motorcycle cop behind me. Well, actually, looking again, it was three. Ok, I looked a third time and there were eight, followed by two black, FBI-style Suburbans, then a squad car, and about eight more motorcycle cops. All of them also had their sirens and lights on and I was the only car left not pulled over. Yes, sometimes, I am an ass or at least unaware of my surroundings.

As the Suburbans passed, I tried to see where the license plates were from, but could not really see. They kinda looked like Oregon (the one with the tree on it) but that would not make since and they definitely were not Washington or USA.

At this point I had two concerns 1) where these kids going to go South on I-5 and 2) who the Hell is so important that they need this caravan in this part of Tacoma. Must have been Burt Renalds or something.

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