Day One

Mon Aug 14, 2006 3:00:54 pm by Dustin
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I started work today at Formos (actually, I’m still there). It is quite interesting. I have my own desk for the first time ever. It comes complete with a Cisco 7960 Series IP Phone, new Dell Optiplex 210L, and a stapler. I look directly at a fireplace which is nice to stretch my feet into. This building is so cool. It is an old three story, brick house. My team works all in the same room of this house/office. We do not have cubes. I can turn around and ask questions at any time to whomever or just BS.

  1. Ray

    So… lunch?

  2. Dustin

    When do you go?

  3. Ray

    Hm, 12. Aim me or call me.