Google Maps Bug Report

Fri Aug 11, 2006 10:20:41 am by Dustin
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The other day, in fact it may have been yesturday, I was trying to find some restuarants in Beaverton. The thing is that Citysearch would not have cut it. I was trying to find these locations within the proximity of an address and not just a zip code. Therefore, I tried Google Maps. The obvious solution of searching for restuarants in Beaverton did not work. Which leads me to my bug report. According to Google, a restuarant is only a restuarant if it has that word in its name. Google, though, should not be requiring all these locations to change their names in accordance to their rules, just so they can be placed on Google Maps. They do have a ton of PhD’s in all those buildings, and one would think that one of them could come up with a way that handled this better. One thing I learned in my Software Engineering class was that requiring users to comform to your ways in a no-no.