Trying New Things

Tue Aug 8, 2006 4:24:56 pm by Dustin
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Since there has been a resolution with my car, I had to return Baby Blue. It turns out, the insurance company had to pay $787 to have me drive a different car for four weeks. It seems that they could have paid me that money and not had to deal with a ton of paper work for four weeks. That also means that I have to start driving my car again which I am really excited about.

The car though has been sitting in the driveway for the last four weeks, collecting dirt and getting older. Starting it was not the smoothest move ever. It chucked for a few seconds before it smoothed out. Now it is doing just fine. That dirt is kinda ugly. In fact, there have been some scribes in the dirt to tell me to move it while it was sitting there.

Also I checked my log and there hasn’t been an oil change on it for about five months. Normally I am pretty good about getting her cleaned up, but I guess I neglected her this time. I decided to do something I have never done in my life; I let somebody else change the oil. This was a new experience, like I said, so I did not know what to expect – other then getting the oil changed of course. I decided to go to The Master’s Touch on Lombard (across from Mock’s Crest Tavern). I did not expect to have all the fluids checked, but they did (topped them off and put air in the tires too). I am guessing this is standard, but as a mechanics son, I have always done this myself. I doubt I will return, but it was a fun time anyway.

Now to do something about that door.

  1. James

    Yay for money. When my car got totaled, I decided not to bother with trying to change their appraisal. Instead I thought getting the rental car billing straightened out was a better bet. See, since my policy didn’t have collision and comprehensive coverage, Enterprise required me to purchase said coverage through them for $10 or so a day (50% increase to the cost). I think it worked out to a little under $100. Ok fine, that’s a cost incurred by the at-fault party, so she should be liable for it, right? Not so according to her agent. They refused and were actually kind of rude about it (basic customer services skills: don’t interrupt the other party when they’re talking to yell at them). Anyhow, I talked to the state insurance commissioner, and they cited some cases where similar arguments had failed, so I got screwed on that one. Moral of the story: don’t use Grange Insurance.