Tue Aug 8, 2006 8:08:34 am by Dustin
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Now that I do not have a job and am on vacation, I have been playing Age of Empires III. It doesn’t help that I am home alone all day either though. All in all, this is a major step up from the last versions, and I am enjoying it.

For those out there who are not familiar with the game, here is a nice run down. It is a strategy game from Microsoft with a mix of Empire Earth and the prior versions of the series. It takes place in the New World, starting with colonialization. I typically play the random map which will put you in many possible different locations in todays North and South America. One of the major new features in that fact that you rack up experience points and experience level. As you do better the game is supposed to get harder.

Now for my recommendation to Microsoft for the expansion pack. If this was a real similation of my expansion into the New World all of my various colonies which I have accumulated by playing the game would start to work together. My suggest is to make an overall map of the game according to where all the colonies are. For example, I could look at the New England region and it would show where all the German (that’s me) colonies are as well as the others. Then I, as the leader of the German colonies, I could set up new colonies wherever I would like to on all the maps or revisit victorious colonies to various purposes. These new colonies could be in vacant areas or even close to enemy of allied colonies for battle or economic purposes. Once all of my colonies are displayed, I could set up a trade system of soldiers and goods, just like any other country could do. For example, I could have less troops in more German controlled areas. This would allow me to control the map and make me the All Powerful in the New World.

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