Let it be heard

Thu Aug 3, 2006 3:17:30 pm by Dustin
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There has been a solution to my car issues. Before I begin, you can view all the pictures of the damage.

So it ended like this… The company who hit my car admitted fault 100% which helps a lot. After that the insurance company gave me a rental car, and I have been driving that since. I actually really love the car *cough*. It is a fabulous ‘06 Ford Taurus just about the call of a little boy’s nursery. That’s baby blue if you can’t pick up on that. On a side note, I just want to remind everybody that Micaela decided to buy her own car three days after all this went down.

Back to the story now. The insurance gave me an offer which they thought my car was worth $2582, and was a complete total. My options at this point were to take the $2582 with no car or take that price minus some salvage value ($475) keeping the car. Now I was not very excited about that price. I told the insurance company to find more money.

After another week of waiting and showing examples of higher priced cars, I was able to say no. The insurance company countered with $2725, again I said no. Another counter at $2800 (with the same two options as before). This time the insurance could not go any further, so I accepted.

So in about a week or so, I will some more cash and my car as is. I still don’t know what I am going to do with my car though.