Dropping a Nut

Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:03:55 am by Dustin
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I went to the beach this last weekend to avoid the massive heat of Portland and got a sun burn instead. That wasn’t the only excitement we had either. There was the five hour Risk game. Camping next to drunk high schoolers was interesting – no I did not buy them there alcohol.

The big excitement came when we were doing dounuts in the sand with Brandon’s truck (or well his Dad’s truck). After doing them for a while with no problem we decided to drop the truck into 2-wheel drive and try something. After about 30 feet, we started to here a large bang coming from the back end. Brandon jumps out of the truck, and before I can even get out I start hearing a few “fuck”, “damn”, and “bitch”.

At first glance it looked like his drive train had busted in two. Turns out that just the U-joint had broken and caused the drive train to spin on the ground. There are a few nice pictures of the situation.

Turns out that Brandon’s grandparents live in the area and could take him to get new merch for the truck. I was the lucky one that got to stay back and hold up the fort. The fun part came when the tide started to come in. I have never fixed a truck on the beach before either.

So that was my weekend. How was yours?