That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Thu Jul 6, 2006 3:08:35 pm by Dustin
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I got a call earlier today from Micaela – who was barrowing my car for a job interview like thing – and she is crying. I guess some damn semi ran into her. She is fine – just frazzled. The car on the other hand is crying on the outside. Here are a few pictures: picture picture picture.

  1. Jeff

    Wow, that’s pretty intense. Can we get a play by play from Mic on how it all happened?

  2. Dad

    it don’t look to bad, under $1500. not a total, get est. get it fixed.DO NOT ADMIT GUILT.

  3. Roo

    Considering a semi was involved, it could have been a lot worse…

  4. James

    Um, that looks fun…or not. If the insurance company totals it, you might consider buying back the “totaled” car from them for dirt cheap, since it still runs fine. Then you wouldn’t have to buy a car right away.

  5. Brandon

    Yeah, that has to suck. Anyways, hope you can get things resolved and whatnot.