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Thu Jul 6, 2006 10:08:01 am by Dustin
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This post is dedicated to helping in how to use the photo management system for the various photo albums I manage. All in all it is a general tutorial for this version of the system.

After logging in, choose from one of three options: Add Event, Edit Event, or Change Password.

Add Event:
To start, try adding a new event. It is very simple. Just click on the Add Event link after logging in. A similar page to the one below will show. Type in an event name and (if you would like) a description – event names are required. Press Add. This will then take you to Edit Event Phase II.

Edit Event Phase I
If you have already created one or more events and would like to edit one of them for any reason, click Edit Event from the main page. Here you are given the option to choose any event by name (they are ordered chronologically from when you entered them). Choose one and click Edit. This will take you to Edit Event Phase II.

Edit Event Phase II
This is where the meat of the event is editted. To start you can change the Event Name and Event Description you created originally. This will take you back to this page when you are finished. Secondly, you can upload images. This Java Applet allows for uploading multiple files at once. To add files to be uploaded, either click Add and browse to them or drag-and-drop them into the box. It is not advised to upload all your photos at once. It is suggested to limit each upload to 5-10 photos each time. After you have added them, you can remove by selecting one or more and clicking Remove. To upload them, click Upload. This will begin uploading the photos to the server and may take a few minutes. When the files are finished uploading, you can either repeat this step and upload more photos or go on to Edit Event Phase III.

Edit Event Phase III
During this phase, you are able to click and view your new event as well as edit the individual photos. At this point though, your event is ‘live’, meaning it can be completely viewed on your photo album. During editing, you can create titles and descriptions of any of the photos you have uploaded. Feel free to try it out.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask.

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