Multiple File Upload Applet

Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:58:14 pm by Dustin
Filed under General

In order to make my photo album, I was in search of a multiple file uploading process of some sort for the users of my albums to use as a content management system. I really did not like the idea of the HTML form based way of doing so, especially since this would require for a shit load of possible single inputs. This would be not only annoying and frustrating for the user but also just stupid. I also did not really (although I would have) want to write my own way around this either.

So my search began. I figured in order to achieve this task the process would either need to be JavaScript or a Java Applet. I preferred Java just off hand, mostly to help the users since the SWT is more well-known then some other GUIs out there. My search of Google took me to HotScripts. I normally don’t really like HotScripts since most of the scripts on there are not free (I like free), but I tried it.

I came across JavaAtWork who makes a nice Java Applet called MyUploader. This allows for multiple file uploads – as desired. It has a progress bar, drag and drop, and parameters that allow the developer to make adjustments. It has also been configured to work with a script file (PHP, Java, JSP) so that the files can be modified as needed.

After I get this working I will post more about how it works and how I liked it…