Sally and George

Tue Jun 6, 2006 6:42:11 pm by Dustin
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So, you know those cats that keep coming over? Well if not click it! Well we decided to name the two cats with the help of LittleMic (Sally and George, of course). We also decided to let the little guys come in the house again.

So, Sally decided it was high time to venture up our stairs and see what there was to see. Now I don’t really want to have a long haired cat that I don’t know in my room. If I knew the long hair, that’s different. Mic decides to let the cat in anyway. After hearing this, I run upstairs to get Sally out of my room. For some reason she didn’t like me running up the stairs and bolts into Chris’ room. After a few ‘meows’ with Chris she says “Screw you guys. I’m leaving”.

Now here is where the problem starts. You don’t want to stop reading now. So Mic is standing in the hall as Sally comes out of Chris’ room. This perturbs the little kitty cat, which desperately searches for a new exit. At last she finds one. Jump down the stairs. Not just down the stairs, but down the stairs when I am walking down. I look up after hearing Sally come out of Chris’ room only to see her flying off the top of the stairs AT MY FACE. There is only one reaction when claws are flying at your face. Get the fuck out of the way. My feet come out from under me just in time for Sally to fly past my head. I survived the day, laughing hysterically as Sally lightenings out the back door, possibly never to be seen again.

  1. James

    Haha. Dusty almost died. That’s funny.

    No really, it’s hilarious.

  2. James

    Apparently this is the beginnings of a pandemic. A random cat just wandered into my house about 20 minutes ago. Nobody was hurt though.