What Kind of Shit is That

Wed Apr 19, 2006 3:08:58 pm by Dustin
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So I roll into Shell to well do my business today to find out that they are all jackasses. I hand the dude my credit card and a piece of my soul, but he isn’t nice enough to tell me that they now charge 7 cents more a gallon if you don’t use a Shell credit card which I guess comes with some shinny, wrap-around finish. Cash is fine, but my card from well not Shell just doesn’t cut it for them. So he comes back with my receipt that is 7 cents more a gallon and says “Umm sorry, I’m new [and retarded]“. He then hasn’t fixed the air leak in his head enough and stands there like I’m going to tip him for being an idiot.

  1. James

    Everybody complains about gas stations having lousy employees, but nobody actually does anything about it. If you could do the job so well, why don’t you go work there?

    Washington people think they’re so cool because they know how to pump their own gas.

  2. Roo

    We don’t think…we know.

  3. James

    Didn’t you graduate? Man, I see how dedicated you are to keeping the “blog-o-sphere” up to date. If the internet falls apart from disuse, I blame you.