Mile Per Gallon Tracker Name?

Thu Mar 2, 2006 9:39:21 am by Dustin
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I am looking to build a mpg logger, grapher, statical analysis site for fun and because I have found many people I know would use it. The problem is I need a fun name, or at least just a name. If you have any suggestions go ahead and post here. The winner will get a free cookie and free access to the site, but don’t let that go to your head. Our cookies have been on the counter for 4 months and the service is free for anybody anyway. But you get a free cookie!

  1. James


    Do I get a cookie? You probably already set one, didn’t you?

    Funny, I actually thought about doing something similar a while back. Then I couldn’t think of a good reason to do it, so it never happened.