Hey Cupid, Fuck You!

Tue Feb 14, 2006 10:38:52 am by Dustin
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After moving into da hood almost two years ago and experienced everything No Po has to offer except sexual assault, we needed to call the police once again last night. You see some gansta had to get his bitches some V-day present and what is a better present on V-day then a nice box of crystal meth. But it was hard for him cuz his welfare check had not quite made it to the bank yet, and this bitch was going kill his shiz if he didn’t get her no meth. What better way of getting enough coin to please his lady then stealing Chris’ stereo. So the three of us got a nice gift of broken glass in our driveway for V-day this year (and no meth sadly) to go along with the flowers and chocolates we had sent to ourselves at school.

  1. CheeChee

    Word homie

  2. James

    Did they the break into the house or into Cheechee’s pimp ass Jetta? Sounds like you bro’s should be poppin a cap in those G’s ass. Ain’t no homie representin when they take a dog’s beat away.