Driving in Seaside

Thu Feb 9, 2006 10:02:09 am by Dustin
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Last night, three of my friends and I too a nice trip to Seaside, OR. It was a pleasant drive full of Radiohead and American Hi-Fi. Later followed with playing on the fantasmic Oregon beach and surf. So what time did we decide to leave for this sandy get away. Ten in fact. But that’s 10 pm. A 1.5 drive each way plus about the same amount of time there. And yes I am still taking 18 credits of CS classes and don’t really care that I got home at 2:30. I kinda want to do it again tonight.

  1. James

    I’m game, but then again, I’m not taking 18 credits at the moment. Besides, which leaves you more refreshed to face the next day: getting back from the beach at 2:30 or staring at code until 2:30?

  2. Roo

    Oh definently staring at code till 2:30 am