I See Graduation … Wait, Not in the Future

Tue Jan 31, 2006 8:51:59 pm by Dustin
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Today I started the petition to graduate in May with the rest of my class…

Now you may ask, why pray tell a petition? And I will be kind enough to tell. The rule at the University of Portland is that any person who takes his/her last class in the fall will not graduate until that spring. This is my case. I will have 4 classes left after this term, one of which I cannot take until next fall.

Yep that leaves me one freaken class next fall to finish all this shiz. Now for the petition part. I have to go to my dean and say please, please have pity on my soul. Then he says no, and I say with a cherry on top, and he says yes (well I hope).

The fate of my life resides in one man’s descision to check yes or no (sounds like a George Strait song).