New Version Release (v1.1)

Thu Dec 1, 2005 8:56:51 pm by Dustin
Filed under General

Exciting times up in here. So instead of doing that studying thing lately, I have been doing some playing. New additions to the party include:

  • Include files – so less redundent code (40 KB less disk space)
  • Cross browser viewable – now all browsers mostly like it
  • MyiCal – see my calendar, free and open to the public
  • RSS – get my in RSS format
  • Updated (but not completed favorite links
  • Site stats – see harddrive and database usage for this domain by subdomain
  • Link to Firefox – getFirefox link on every page
  • Favicon – that’s the ‘D’ in the address bar or in your favorites
  • Things I am still working on:

  • I wanted to get the photo albums working *cough*Brandon*cough*, but am having trouble making thumbnails. Once the thumbs are made, it’s done. I will also start working on those other things in the projects list too (I do take suggestions too).