Kitty Party Not a Kiddy Party

Wed Sep 7, 2005 10:40:57 am by Dustin
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This morning I was sitting reading my mail in the living room (yes before school ? why? because I am addicted). So one of the neighbor cats comes to the door, so I thought I would say hi and open the door.

And I do; I open the door and start playing with the cat. Then the other neighbor cat comes and wants to join the fun. Now this story would be that much better if about 80 other cats joined, but it stopped there. So, as I am playing, the first cat decides it wants to come in the house and does so. Followed by the second of course. So two random cats are now look around the house, and I do what any logical person would do in this situation, go back to reading my email (and watching to see what they would do next). So they looked around for a bit and wanted to play more so we did. One cat even went upstairs. After getting them all back in the living room, the fun had to stop. The second cat started to rub against my computer, and well, I don?t let anybody rub against the things that I love without me. They were thus kicked out.

If only my dating life was so spontaneous.